Top 5 Best Grain-Free Dog Foods

The question of which dog food (grain-free or not) to give to your dog, is a popular question. Choosing a particular type of dog food can be daunting. Some dogs favor certain flavors or ingredients, but not all of them are inexpensive or healthy. Sometimes dogs get just get sick of eating the same food repeatedly. Because of this, we have decided to list our new and favorite, and most recommended grain-free dog foods.

Here is a short list of what view as the best, most favored, and popular foods, which get our stamp of veterinarian approved.

Our Top 5 List – Healthy Grain-Free Dog Foods

  1. Honest Kitchen Grain-Free
  2. Wilderness Blue Buffalo High Protein
  3. Rachel Ray Nutrish Zero Grain
  4. Purina Small-Batch Grain-Free Dog Food.
  5. Blue Buffalo Rocky Mountain Recipe

Why Feed Your Dog Grain-Free?

Grain-Free dog food is generally recommended for weight control. Just like humans, we generally store our calories for long periods of time when overconsuming grain. This can lead to a dog’s obesity or lethargic behavior. The above list of dog foods, especially our top choice of Honest Kitchen Grain-Free dog food, strikes a perfect balance between protein, vegetables, and nutrition.

As mentioned in this Inexpensive Grain-Free Dog Food article, it’s not all about savings, but about the healthiness of your dog. A little bit of an upfront cost will save you money long term. Issues that arise, such as injuries due to obesity, heart problems, etc will cost more than expensive dog food.

Our Research

Over the course of the last 6 months, we have interviewed 3 veterinarians, 12 dog-owners, and chatted with 6 people at the local dog park here in San Diego. This list is our opinion, and does not otherwise knock on the other competition, but seems to be a useful list for the everyday dog owner, who simply cares for the livlihood and wellbeing of their dogs.