What are the best dog treats – Top 5

After interviewing more than 35 dog owners over the last week, in addition to my local veterinarian, here is my list for the most popular, and enjoyed dog treats.

Top 5 Dog Treats

  1. Pedigree Marrobone Dog Treats ($7), or save by purchasing in bulk.
  2. Green Butterfly Premium Salmon Dog Treats ($20)
  3. Chicken & Bacon Nudges Sizzlers ($13) by Tyson
  4. Hill Country Pig Ear Treats ($39)
  5. SmartChips Chicken Dog Treats

NOTE: This list will be updated annually, so be sure to check back as my veterinarian friend is constantly recommending new and different types of treats!

It is not necessary to purchase organic dog treats, or ones that are human-grade. All dog treats must be certified for canine consumption by the FDA, so you do not need to worry about harming your puppy or dog.

Dog-Owner’s Tip:

As your puppy or dog gets older, they may get sick of eating the same treat repeatedly, so I’ll normally alternate each week with a new treat.