What Can I Do if My Dog is Limping?

If your puppy or adult dog is having difficulty walking or limping after exercising, of course we always recommend seeking the help of a professional. However, if your dog seems to be okay shortly after, then the problem may be remedied yourself.

I have ran into many dog owners at dog parks, dog beaches, etc., that have experienced these issues, and most times the dog can simply gain strength in their joints to help the problem areas.

Step 1, Try:

Cosequin DS ($30)

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Cosequin is a Joint Health Supplement, and although joint issues may not necessarily be the issue facing your dog, I have spoken with many dog owners who have had great success with this product. The great news is even if the limping is not caused by joints, this supplement will help build joint strength and be helpful and healthy for your dog’s wellbeing either way.

Cosequin is also wonderful in that many dogs will eat it like treats. You will likely not need to force-feed your dog, slip it into their dogs, as it is chewable and flavorful.

The recommended initial period for giving Cosequin is 4-6 weeks. However, some dogs may respond sooner. The number of chewable tablets may then be reduced to the maintenance level of 1, 2, or 3 tablets daily, depending on the dog’s size and weight.


Of course, what is the most likely scenario if you decide to see a veterinarian? They’ll tell you to give your dog a break. There’s nothing harder for some dogs to do, but if you have them rest for 2 full weeks without exercise, while using the Cosequin DS above, you’ll likely see improvements and results in your dog’s legs.

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Most Common Injuries

Most breeds have issuees with their shoulders and elbows. However, like humans,  dogs heal fairly quickly. So, if you are able to rest your puppy or adult dog for 2 weeks, refraining them from too much exercise, and are able to continue Cosequin usage, this should help your dog be back to normal in no time.


It’s always best to seek professional help, but if your dog is only experiencing issues soon after exercising, or you are simply trying to prevent future injuries, then Over-the-Counter medicines are available to help. It’s always a good idea to rest your dog, or limit their wrestling or sprinting for a few days or a few weeks (if your dog will allow you:).