Does My Dog Need to go on a Diet?

We here at Dog Friendly Food stress the importance of health and fitness for dogs. It’s important that a dog eats nutritious, low-fat food, and get plenty of exercise. In fact, the most important thing to a dog’s health is daily exercise. This isn’t always easy for the owner, us, but you need to do your very best to get them outside as often as possible.

In saying that, of course, some of us have obese dogs. It’s not always our fault, since many dogs will eat nearly everything in sight, especially at an early age.

However, this question has come up often – Should my dog go on a diet?

The Answer is: MAYBE

Whether or not you take regular trips to the veterinarian, it’s pretty simple to research the appropriate weight of a dog with your specific breed. Additionally, you can easily “eye-ball” it.

Best Way for a Dog to Diet

We have one brand of dog food that will dog wonders for your dog. Immediately try out Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight Dog Food. Hill’s dogfood has been effective in dropping the weight of 70% of dogs within 10 weeks of eating this dog food!

 Reasons to Diet

There are myriad reasons for a dog to be the appropriate weight. Just like humans, it’s better for their joints, their organs (heart, lungs, etc), their activity level, and their stamina. There are many health factors to consider, and in our opinion, it’s okay to spend the extra marginal amount of money for a healthy dog food, albeit, even only temporary, for long-term weight control.

Fitness and Dog Toys

Our Advice

Do not:

  1. feed your dog unhealthy human food, instead try carrots or strawberries.
  2. overfeed your dog
  3. under exercise your dog


  1. Change the food, even if only temporary, to Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Dog Food.
  2. Exercise your dog DAILY
  3. Get your dog an interactive toy or two, such as the IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Ball
  4. Replace unhealthy human food, with healthy human food.


Even if you can’t be home with your dog all the time, there’s no reason to let your dog overeat, and become obese. It’s not good for them, and it’s not good for your wallet in the long-term.

Try replacing unhealthy table scraps, with healthy alternatives. And, be sure to exercise your dog as often as possible. Try the above recommendations for food, and get your dog an active toy to enjoy.

Before you know it, they will be at a comfortable, and healthy weight.