Can I Feed My Dog Avocado?

Avocados are an excellent source of vitamins and “healthy fat” for humans, but what about dogs? To some animals, like horses, avocados can be toxic. However, dogs’ diets are more inline with humans than horses, and it’s OK for a dog to eat a piece or small amount of avocado.

Can My Dog Eat Avocado? Answer: Yes

The main concern for dog owners, however, should be to remove the pit (and skin)! Do not feed your dog the center seed that is found in all avocados.  Like most other fruits that include pits, you should always remove them before feeding them to your dog, as they can be a choking hazard.

Additionally, and more specific to avocados, is that it contains Persin. This is an oil-soluable compound which can be toxic, so it’s vital that you remove skin and pit before feeding your puppy.

Weight Gain

Although avocados contain healthy fat, (much like green beans), it can still lead to slight weight gains if served or fed to your dog in large amounts. It’s best to avoid giving your dog too much avocado, and recommended that you stick to small pieces.

And, although most humans like to season avocado with salt and pepper, it’s advisable and preferrable that you omit these seasonings when feeding your dog.

Healthy Avocado Dog Food

AvoDerm makes a wonderful, well-reviewed and liked dog food on Amazon for less than $40/bag.

AvoDerm Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food

This food is one of the most highly reviewed dog foods on the market, and we recommend this if you are looking for an omega-rich food, which is healthy for your dog’s skin, coat, and immune system. It also contains some of the nutritious elements of an avocado, such as high protein and high nutrient contents.


Avocados are okay to feed your dog. However, be sure to remove the pit and skin, and feed your dog small bites versus whole avocados. Remember, that avocados do contain a high fat content, so weight gain can be of concern.