Can I Feed My Dog Sausage?

This has been “Meat Week” here at Dog Friendly Food. Up next, Sausage.

Generally, meat is good for your dog.  It contains high protein, can provide a nice energy boost to your dog, can contain vitamins and nutrients, and can sometimes (but, not always) contain low fat content.

Many dog owners, including yours truly, cut bits or chunks of chicken, beef, lamb, etc., and include it as a treat for dogs with their dinner kibble. However, sausage is something that we at Dog Friendly Food, do not approve of.

Can I Feed My Dog Sausage? Answer: NO.

When we say that your dog should not be fed sausage. Understand, this is not an immediate warning if you happened to have dropped some sausage on the floor with breakfast, or if your dog consumed a small amount. Sausage is a fatty, oily, salty meat, that should be avoided when possible. You should certainly not substitute their diet, or even a meal, with sausage.

Inevitably, they are going to find it on the floor at a BBQ or a birthday party. This is OK. However, it’s best to avoid oily, salty meats, and stick with salmon, seafood, steak, chicken, or lamb.

Please see also: Should My Dog Eat Meat? and Can I Feed My Dog Salmon? for more details.

My Dog is Sick from Sausage. Now What?

If your dog has consumed enough sausage or other oily meat, and appears to have diarrhea or has vomitted, then it’s best for your dog to consume water, and a lot of it. Many sausages have high concentrates of spices and salts, that can dehydrate your dog, so water is a must!

Cooking with Sausage Grease

For those of you who enjoy cooking your eggs or other foods in with bacon or sausage grease, please do not feed your dog this food afterward. Please see our other article, Can Dogs Eat Bacon to learn more. But, generally, grease is both harmful and unhealthy for your dog, and must be avoided.


It’s okay to feed your dog meat. It’s filled with protein, can be eaten as a substitute for your normal dog food on occasion, or can be fed as a compliment to their normal kibble. However, it’s not advisable to feed your dog¬†sausage or greasy, oily, salty foods. Unfortunately, sausage is one of those foods that may taste great to humans, but is too much for a dog’s stomach.

In small amounts, a dog will be just fine, so no need to panic. However, we do not advise substituting your dog’s meal with sausage, otherwise they may get nautious, diarrhea, and eventually vomit.