Can I Feed My Dog Bell Pepper?

Bell Pepper is one of the most commonly consumed human vegetables of course, However, in this article we tackle whether or not it is safe for your dog to consume capsicum, and which bell pepper is best for your dog’s consumption (if any).

Benefitial to Dogs?

People consume bell peppers most commonly as part of a larger meal. And, for dogs, the same can approach can be used. Pets, and especially dogs (since that is what we specialize in here at DogFriendlyFood), will enjoy the crunchy, light flavor of a bell pepper.

Can I Feed My Dog Bell Pepper? Answer: YES


The caveat here is that dogs should not consume spicy food. Bell pepper, luckily, is a very mild food in terms of spicy, however the capsicum (or, flesh) of a bell pepper can be a bit spicy for a dog’s taste buds, depending on the color of the bell pepper.

Color Matters

It’s best to feed your dog a fully rip bell pepper. The healthiest choice is red bell pepper, because they contain more carotenoid phytonutrients, beta-carotene, anti-oxidants, and vitamins than their yellow and green counterparts.

Avoid Spicy Peppers

It’s important to avoid spicy peppers (habanero, cayenne, tabasco, etc can be harmful to a dog’s gastrointestinal health), and can cause, among other things, increased flatulence. However, the bell pepper has the opposite effect, and can actually reduce flatulence when given in healthy portions.


Dogs will enjoy the crunchiness of a bell pepper. And since they are not spicy, and contain nutritional benefits, they can be fed to your dog. Red bell peppers are the best choice, as they contain the most nutritional benefits among the other peppers. Additionally, they are low calorie, and enjoyable for your dog to eat.