Can I Feed My Dog Salmon?

Salmon, and fish in general, is one of the most nutritious foods out there (for humans). And, outside of a couple of caveats that may have negative side effects such as poisoning your dog, it can be equally nutritious for your dog too. However, there are caveats, and things to consider before feeding your dog salmon.

Can I Feed My Dog Salmon? Answer: YES

Although the nutrition is high, you should never feed your dog raw salmon (or raw fish). Further, you should always feed your dog boneless salmon, as bones can be a serious choking hazard.

If you are able to cook your salmon, remove the fish’s bones, and feed the filet in small portions, then it is absolutely one of the healthiest things to feed your dog.

Salmon Dog Food

If you want to enjoy the Omega-3 fatty acids, high protein, low fat, low salt, and overall health advantages of salmon, but don’t always want to cook it, then try Wilderness Blue Buffalo Salmon Formula Dog Food. It not only contains real salmon, but is also grain-free and ridiculously healthy for your dog. The price is also very similar to that of competing normal dog foods on the market, which makes this a winner and in consideration of top dog foods.

Health Benefits

The Omega-3 fatty acids that we associate with salmon are very healthy for a dog’s coat and skin. It’s said by some that it may also be helpful in healing skin irrritations that your dog may have. Furthermore, if you have an older dog, with arthritis, then salmon will also help with the infllammation and stiffness that is associated with arthritis.

The protein contained in salmon is equal, if not higher than, beef or other meats. However, as you probably know, the unhealthy fat and grease that is common in bacon, beef, pork, and chicken is not an issue with salmon. So, the long term health benefits are some of the best among all foods for your pet.

Canned Salmon

If you decide to give your dog canned salmon, just note that it’s best to feed them non-oily canned salmon. If you can, stick to the salmon in water, such asĀ Wild Planet Sustainably Caught Alaskan Pink Salmon.


Salmon is a wonderful source of nutrition, and when fed to your dog in the correct way, it’s perfectly fine and healthy for your dog. Just be sure to avoid bones, raw fish, and oily canned salmon. If you wan to feed your dog something new that contains all the nutritional value associated with salmon, then be sure to try Wilderness Blue Buffalo Salmon Dog Food. It comes highly recommended from our local veterinarian!