Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

Cheese is a great source of both protein and natural vitamins and minerals for your dog.  A small piece of cheese can also provide the perfect method for feeding or providing your dog medication, which may otherwise be difficult to entice your dog.

In short, it is healthy and very safe for a dog to consume cheese, but must be fed in moderation.

Additionally, two dairy products that your dog should be able to eat are yogurt and cottage cheese. Both add benefits to his diet in different ways.

Cottage cheese can be a good protein source for a dog that has occasional episodes of diarrhea.

Cheese in Training

Cheese can also help a great way to entice dogs into obedience. It is easy to rip apart and treat your dog, for things like leash training or tricks.  Just remember not to replace their food with cheese, but instead use it as a supplement.

Is My Dog Lactose Intolerant?

If you have noticed your dog becoming sick, or experiencing unusual behavior after feeding your dog cheese, then it’s possible they are lactose intolerant. Ask your local vet to determine if your dog is indeed lactose intolerant (common in small percentages of dogs), as cheese is best not consumed if they cannot tolerate it normally.