Can I Feed My Dog Carrots?

Many dogs love crunchy food. And, some of it can be good and healthy for your dog, while some is unfortunately tasteless or toxic. Carrots are one vegetable that is questioned often because it’s so inexpensive, and most people already have them in their refridgerator.

But, the question still remains – is it safe for your dog to eat carrots (or other salad ingredients)?

The short answer, for carrots, is: Yes.

Nutritional Value of Carrots

Crunching on carrots can be good for dogs’ teeth, and this vegetable is high in fiber and vitamins, but low in calories and fat. It also helps your dog or puppy grow a stronger, healthier coat of fur, and has the added benefit of a healthy digestive system. In short, carrots are fantastic supplements that you can add to their doggie dish during a normal meal. Or, feel free to give your dog carrots by themselves.

Carrots in Popular Dog Food

Carrots have becomeĀ a bit more popular among dog food companies due to their nutritional value. However, they mostly appear on “wet food” or canned food, due to carrots not being the tastiest of dried ingredients.

If you’re looking for a healthy dog “wet food” that contains carrots, chicken, and spinach, Hill’s Science Diet Healthy Cuisine Stew is packed full of nutritional ingredients. If your dog isn’t into wet food as much, then you can also

Recommended for Dogs

It is recommended that you limit the carrot consumption of your pet to one or two mini carrots per day, or no more than 1/4 of the daily consumption of food. For larger dogs, > 60 lbs, it’s okay to go beyond the 2 mini-carrot max, but just don’t overfeed your dog carrots, or feed them carrots as the only source of food.