Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Not only do monkeys and humans enjoy the nutrition and flavor of bananas, but dogs do too! But should you feed your dog bananas? And, if so, how much can they eat?

Can I feed my dog bananas? Answer: Yes

Bananas are not harmful, and can be an excellent choice for your dog, so long as you limit the amount and frequency of their banana intake. Canine lovers, do not worry, you may feed your dog bananas.

Nutritional Value

Bananas contain antioxidants, which are beneficial to your dog’s skin and coat. They also contain potassium, ascorbate, and other traces of vitamins and minerals. The ascorbate will help with your pupp’s immune system, and the soluble carbs will help with their energy levels.

Ration the Amounts

Keep your portions to a dog friendly amount. This means, do not overfeed your dog bananas, and replace their traditional meal(s) that you give them daily, with bananas. Small bites are the best way to feed and reward your dog, and topping the amount of about 1/2 of a banana is a good guideline.

Favorite Banana Treats

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What to Avoid

Do not feed the skin or peel of the banana to your dog. Although not fatal, this can cause them to choke on the fruit, and can cause stomach issues. It is always best to peel the banana before serving it to your dog.

Conclusion on feeding your dog bananas

Bananas can be a nice, healthy treat, that can improve your dog’s energy levels, digestion, and is also low calorie. Just remember to remove the peel, and feed in small bites and do not overfeed them this nutritious fruit.