Can I Feed My Dog Bacon?

Most of us love bacon. It’s smell alone is one of my personal top 5 smells in the human world. It’s also quite common for our pets to beg and stare at you while you eat breakfast. So, is something that can smell and taste pleasant to us, enjoyed (or even safe) for your dog to eat?

Despite all the begging…

Should I Give My Dog Bacon? Answer: No

Unfortunately, the problem with bacon is it’s fatty, greasy, and can cause all kind of long term health issues. Besides the fact that bacon contains ample amounts of protein, it’s really quite terrible for their health.

Just like humans, fat, salt, and excess grease can lead to heart, pancreas, and liver problems, and dogs are no different. Pancreatitis can also be a very serious issue that can develop from your dog eating too much bacon.

Healthy Alternatives

The great news is bacon is a common and enjoyed flavoring for most dog treats and even some dog food, that are actually healthy for your dog.

Our suggestion: Wavy Bacon & Cheese Trips

Side Effects

Both raw and cooked bacon can seriously cause long term health issues for your dog. But, in the short term, your dog will also have a tough time digesting bacon, which can lead to diarrhea. Not to mention, if there are any parasites or bacteria in the meat, then you’ll be faced with other major, short-term issues.


In short, why give something to your dog that has both short-term and long-term health issues, possibly contains bacteria, and will likely shorten the lifespan of your pet? Especially, when you can pick up a safe alternative, Wavy Bacon Strips, that contain the protein, but keep your dog healthy, happy, and living longer!